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TERRINVEST GROUP was esteablished in March 2001 in the Czech Republic. TERRINVEST Companies are specialized in company formation services all over the world and provide the clients with the full service related to the companiy formation & administration.

Over the years we have proven that our approach has been most efficient in order to meet and satisfy the needs of our customers. Our experience, confidence and thorough specialisation has resulted in necessity to expand and enter new markets having led to a fact that to date we are operating in three different countries – Cyprus, Latvia and Estonia.

What gives us a major advantage is that we can provide our service completely remotely without having the need of visiting our local offices which makes the service extremely convenient. Our purpose is to provide full-service throughout the incorporation process until its completion, in addition we shall provide all the other necessary corporate services such as organizing your accountancy, preparation of legal documents, bank account opening and also market, real estate and workforce reasearches etc. In addition to Cypriot, Latvian and Estonian jurisdictions we are also specialised in many others giving us the capability of finding a proper solution for our customers.

Our staff can speak and serve the clients in seven languages - English, German, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Latvian and Estonian.

We support the business. We support the freelancers:


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